What is beard oil used for?

Bearded guy in sunglasses wearing a backpack
Do you even oil bro? Is your chin forest a magnificent lush jungle glistening with morning dew and smelling fresh? If not, it should be! A beard is not a cactus that thrives best when left unattended in a dry desert. No, no, no! Your beard needs your care and support. Out there in the nature, it is the rain that washes over the desert and brings new life, but when it comes to your beard you can be the rainmaker by hydrating your hair and skin with some natural beard oil.

What does beard oil do?

Your skin naturally produces sebum oil to support the growing beard but, as the hairs grow longer, the skin can no longer produce enough sebum oil often resulting in a dry, flaky and irritated skin. Natural beard oil is a great solution for this problem because its components are chemically very close to the support system of your skin and hair. A mixture of natural oils and aromatic components will moisturize and provide nutrients for your skin as well as support the growing hair. Oil also helps to style your beard by making it easier to comb and set in place, but if you truly want your beard to be fixed, you will need beard wax.

How is beard oil made?

All beard oils contain a number of aromatic components and essential oils. The main body of a beard oil is made up of a carrier oil and essential oils are added according to the aroma and effect you desire. Common carrier oils include: Jojoba oil, which is the closest to your skin’s own sebum oil and is therefore easily absorbed by the skin, and argan seed oil, which makes the skin soft and has anti-ageing properties. Essential oils are used for that extra effect and aromatic explosion.


Our own beard oil is mixed using jojoba, olive, castor seed and grape seed oil. This is what gives it that exceptional fragrance and also makes your beard shine. Higher quality ingredients allow you to achieve a noticeable and lasting gloss with just a few drops. Regular use will also keep your beard hair soft making it more manageable and helping you retain the desired shape.

Who should be using it?

Some hair types can be more difficult to manage than others. Due to the natural resilience of African-American hair, for example, it may require a bit more effort to maintain, but simply rubbing a few drops of oil into the beard will keep it soft and give it that extra bit of shine that will take your look to the next level while helping maintain a healthy and smooth skin underneath the beard.

You should start using beard oil as soon as you decide to grow out your beard because in about two weeks your skin and beard hair will get itchy and dry as the skin struggles to produce enough supporting oil. This itch can get bad enough for some guys to drop the entire idea altogether and return to their clean-shaven ways. If only they knew about beard oil, they could go on growing a magnificent beard without all the discomfort. RICH by Rick Ross’ complete range of beard and hair products is a good example of affordable luxury, as all the products are reasonably priced, without giving up anything in quality. DJ Khaled doesn’t settle for less than the best and now you don’t have to either.

How to apply beard oil?

You will naturally develop your own style that will be part of the beard grooming routine, but we recommend taking a shower and drying your beard before applying a few drops of oil either directly to your beard or in the palm of your hand and then rubbing it into the hair followed by several strokes of your beard brush. Beard oil is quite strong, so apply it in moderation since you are probably using other beard products like wax or pomade to style the beard and hold it in shape. Too much grease can irritate the skin and cause you to break out.

For a longer beard simply apply a bit more and massage the oil into the roots of your hair, which is important because the oil contains many nutrients for your skin and the massage helps the skin absorb the oil better. If you want some extra glow, wait until your beard has dried and reapply a smaller amount of beard oil for that final touch and extra gloss. Repeat this routine every other time you wash your beard because, as you might have guessed, water removes the oils that keep your hair soft, making it frizzy and rough to the touch, so it’s important to restore that natural and healthy balance.