How to look fly and keep your money tight

Stylish guy in a leather jacket
In order to look good, you have to feel good. Your clothes and accessories are powerful tools but your overall grooming is the foundation upon which you build your look. Today, we’ll be introducing you to the grooming staples that every modern-day man should have in his arsenal without slimming down your wallet to the point of starvation.

It’s all about the beard

Manscaping is like landscaping, but with the hair on your body and not a random patch of grass. Whether you want to keep it clean and remove your body hair entirely or practice the subtle art of trimming is up to you, but either way some kind of grooming needs to take place. We know how important an ingredient a beard is in the recipe for looking good, which is why we have developed products to help you achieve just that. The RICH by Rick Ross product line is here to provide assistance every step of the way to a barber-approved homegrown beard.

Hair stylin’

Having a suitable hair cut is just as important as keeping it in check and we can certainly help you with that as well. A good shampoo and conditioner are important products for daily hair care, but sometimes you might want to look extra fresh and that’s where styling gel comes in. Whether its edge control or something more elaborate, hair gel will help you get there. Don’t forget to take care of your hair and let it restore its balance, so that it’s able to handle all the styling. Use shampoo and conditioner in moderation letting your hair restore its natural oils and being careful not to dry out the scalp.

Best-selling & best-smelling

We’ve all seen that meme where a dude rushes around the corner expecting to find baked goods, meanwhile it’s just someone smoking a flavored vape. The same goes for the way we smell — your scent makes an impression you before you ever open your mouth. Colognes and deodorants are what everyone turns to when they want to smell good, but there are many other ways to make sure you smell as good as you look. Everything from aftershave and beard oil to shampoo and body wash play a role in creating a pleasant fragrance you want associated with your person. So if smelling fine is high up on your priorities list, we’ve got you sorted. Here’s the lowdown on our best-smelling and best-selling products:

- Our classic pomade was designed to provide a strong hold for your beard as well as give off a subtle yet pleasant scent. This pomade is perfect for all hair types and provides shine, hold and frizz control like no other. But guess what lingers throughout most of the feedback we receive about this product? Its long-lasting fragrance... With ingredients like caviar extract, limonene and even wine extract it’s no surprise that this baby smells so good.

- Who wouldn’t want a beard like Da Boss? Second only to the brilliant shine it provides, everyone’s always raving about the addictive smell of Rick Ross’ favorite luxury beard oil. With star ingredients like jojoba seed oil, grape seed oil and olive oil, it’s no wonder this is our start product.

- Another product that will envelop you in a unique and brilliant fragrance is our hair and body wash made with wine and caviar extracts. High-quality ingredients lend this superior product its fresh, unique and manly scent. Your body, your hair and even your soul will feel refreshed and fragrant after the first use.

Affordable luxury

It’s a fact of life: nothing makes a regular guy feel more like a suave and stylin’ gentleman than top-shelf products. But more often than not, such products are only accessible to those who don’t care about the price. Luckily, this injustice was recognized and the gap was filled with our line of RICH by Rick Ross men’s grooming products. Our products are priced between $15 and $20 so even if you don’t have a stash of Benjamins, you too can indulge in the boss experience. If you’re not really sure what you need, try one of our kits where we’ve bundled up products that complement each other. For under $50 you can get everything you need No kit costs more than fifty bucks. It’s officially time to Boss Up gents.

Learn from Da Boss

We could all learn a thing or two from Da Boss when it comes to style and being an entrepreneur. Looking good on the grind is a challenge, which is the reason this whole line of products was developed in the first place; to make high-quality products attainable and accessible to all. If you hustle hard, you deserve to look, feel and smell good without spending a fortune. We’ll be sure to continue to help you cover your bases while you make your way to the top.